YoChi Flow


YoChi Flow combines yoga postures with Qigong exercises to remove blockages and balance the flow of Chi or Prana. Chi or Qi is a Chinese term meaning aliveness or life force energy, the same meaning as Prana, a term used in India. Both hold that the life force is the energy that animates the body, having patterns that circulate in channels called meridians or nadis. 

Based on this knowledge of energy, the Chinese developed Qigong and acupuncture to enhance health. This understanding led to the development of martial arts, which in turn informed some of the yoga postures we practice today. In this class, we use Qigong and yoga techniques to move through blockages and circulate energy evenly throughout the body.

Yoga Nidra


The journey of life is rarely a straight course. There are twists and turns, stumbling blocks and stepping stones. Yoga has given us maps to help guide us through the winding road and bring us home to our true nature. It recognizes that there are layers, or Koshas, that move from the physical body to more subtle aspects of our being to make up the whole of who we are.

Yoga nidra is a powerful meditation technique that takes one through the koshas, or layers of the self. I use Integrative Restoration (iRest®), a guided relaxation technique developed by Richard C. Miller, PhD, to take you through the Koshas, invite you to relax into your being, and bring you to the center of who you are to feel the radiance of pure awareness.