See why people practice with Debbie.

I have been very sick the last few days and, as I was laying there feeling pretty much miserable, I stopped myself in mid-thought and slowed down. I decided to just observe the feelings I was having without attaching myself to them and then decided to switch to a ‘good’ feeling. In my case, the heart center since that is the one I practice accessing the most. What was really cool about this was that I was able to detach myself from the feelings of being sick and embrace the feelings of warmth and peace instead. An awesome way to handle being sick. I couldn’t do that the entire time of course (nor did I suddenly heal myself), but I could do it which means with practice, I can become better at it. I can choose to feel good about something even if my body is not what’s feeling good. I am not my body. My body is a manifestation of me, not the other way around.

So thank you for introducing me to the practice and for sharing your knowledge and experience with me in your workshops. It’s worth sharing.
— Roger
In Deborah’s classes I know I will feel relaxed and calm She leads us through familiar movements, yet new ideas and new movements are always added to our practice. Deborah is always seeking to learn more and conveys ever new ideas to her yoga students.
— Monica
“Your class was like Ghee. Smooth. Luxourious, Nectar. Potent and food for my soul and I thank you.”
— Robin
I have been taking yoga with Debbie since she started teaching. It has been the constant in my crazy life. There are many physical problems, such as, a torn rotator cuff, two knee replacements and a hand fusion over the years that she has seen me through. Yoga has been my stress reliever, strengthener, and my go to help with physical therapies. All aspects have been such a help, the breathing, muscle relaxing, positions for strengthening and many other things she has taught us. Traveling with my gloves and socks, I can do my yoga anywhere.
— Marilyn
Deborah has training and experience (and an incredible voice!) to make Yoga Nidra soothing and effective. We are so pleased to be able to offer this relaxing and rejuvenating class to our yogis on a monthly basis (although some request it more often!) at West End Yoga.

The Labyrinth workshop was well-attended, and much positive feedback was received! Deborah is a well-prepared, trained and experienced facilitator, and we will love to have her offer it at our studio again!
— Cat, West End Yoga
Walking a labyrinth is always special but with Debbie sharing her passion, artistic nature, and knowledge of the labyrinth, our day spent together was truly a meditative and transformational experience. We left uplifted, filled with peace and deeply connected to the gift her labyrinth held for each one of us.
— Erin, Open Heart Yoga & Wellness Center